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Halini, last night was the best night iv had in ages!
It was just so great, hope you had a good time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorow and everything.

Ramage -"Lambrini cherry tastes like lip gloss on an arsehole" Haha.

I cannot believe Conrad and Ifor, it just come so naturally and they didn't seem to have any problem with it, weird. Or just gay i suppose.
It will all be remembered and "Halinis Shubs" Haha.

So yeah. fantastic night... wish I could have stayed longer but you know.
Got in the car still quite drunk, and blah, stinking of smoke, oh dear, my mum realised too.

Oh and Halini if you find my mums earing it would be very much appreciated... she doesn't yet and she will have a spasm.
Oh well,

ByeBye Everybody. X

And congratulations Ms. X
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