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carry on walking down welham road until you eventually get hit by a bus.bitch.

in a way, i think its good that we're not breaking up from school until tuesday/wednesday of the week after next.
cos the thought of everything you've known for the last 5 years ending next week is a bit scary.
but after the small matter of GCSES, we 2 and half months to enjoy.

"enjoy the summer,dont worry about how your GCSEs went because there's nothing you can do about it.even if you did crap...at least you had a really great summer."

but none of the KT.

Graveney girls...we're gonna be alright arent we?
see you all at the barrier in september.
[and you know...quite a lot of times before that]

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ahhh a good old miss piggott quote. one is proud. that was a nice chat with her actually. i like her!
i think we will be ok but everyones gotta play a role in making sure that we survive the newcomers.
todays assembly about the last day made me so upset. and then mr rees came and spoke to me and rosanna and it was like, this is all nearly over.