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Reading, Pyjama Parties and Camping Trips. Who wouldn't want to be us?

So Girlies, a couple of things that i want to say.

1. I love you all very much, and believe that we should keep the G-Girl flame alive by having a pyjama party. I propose someone's house the week after next on a saturday night?
My house is available, but its probably not the best considering the number of siblings/parents/significant others who will be there. Plus theres only one tv and so on. so suggestions?

2. Anybody who does want to go on a Graveney Girl camping trip in Easter jump on the bandwagon now, so we can get an idea of dates, budgets etc. We don't know where we want to go yet so suggestions. I think people would prefer to be in a field rather than a camping place, but if we're stuck then camping place suggestions are also good.

3. If people still are planning to go to Reading this summer. if they cost £195, and working it into a budget, that will probably be a total of £350, including food for the weekend and travel there (unless of course we can drive by then). but the £195 is the stuff we need to be producing soon.
I would love to go but i might not be able to pay for it.
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