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graveyard girls

"I can't cope!"
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We are the graveney girls.
We are fantastic.
We do stupid things, and don't give a shit.

Not much else to say really is there.
1988/9, abi, afros, andrew, ann maries, anna, b&h silver, baguette, balham @ 8.30, baxter, binge drinking, blazing, blondness, boys kissing boys, braces, brighton, burger king!, cancer sticks, casper, cassia, cassias tits, charity shops, charlotte, charlottes hairy mangina, chinese, cigarettes, clubs, coca cola, converses, criminal records, cunt face, deoderant, desperate housewives, dirty dances, dizzee rascal, dr magreola, draw, emma, emma's greatness, ethnic minorities[nigs], fabric, fashion, food, friends, furzedown house, gemma, ginger, gloria, going to the toilet, goofballs, graveney, graveney boys, graveney outings, graveney summer time, halina, halina starting beef!, halina's greatness, hennes, hoop earrings, ireland, itchy tit, jail, jessie, jumping into hedges, karaoke, kfc, kirov, kronenberg 1664, laila, lailas free houses, lailas patio, lambrini, lasenza, lewis, losersdoubleloserwhateveryourmumworksinmacdonalds, love handles, lucy, lucy goes wild, lucy's greatness, marshal, mcfly, mean girls, melons, miss forrest, mitcham, mixed race people, moon under water, morwenna, mr parkin, mr rees, ms ibe, music, nancy, nandos, neeks, neighbours, nick, nigs, old skool jacking sprees, pants-on-show-cassia!, parties, photography, piercings, pissing in public, primark, pubs, random nights, redheads do it better, retainers, richard murray, rosanna, rosie, ross's house, ryan, scotland, scottish accents, seana, seana's greatness, sex-drugs-rock'n'roll (& guns), sexualness, shopping, shouting abuse, showers, sleep walking, south london, stalking graveney sixth formers, stockwell/durand gardens, streatham, stripy socks, sunglasses, tara, temi, the "rudes", the grannies!!, the o.c, the opp!, the streets, tom♥, topshop, tracky b's, vaseline, vodka, wales, wallington, wanny common!, we like to boogie., worcester park, yeast face, your mum